"Mike and his staff worked collaboratively with all partners in the community and were able to provide stable, therapeutic environments to clients with few other options. Your intervention often led to therapeutic gains in areas of self management, improved life skills and increased capacity to manage in the community and with family. Your programs were well organized and managed and you were personally always responsive and open to feedback from professionals, clients and family. I only wish there were more services of your caliber available to support the children, youth and families of this region"
- MD , FRCP ©
"Carmichael Enterprises staff and programming have in my opinion, been an important facet in these youths rehabilitation in the criminal justice system. I have also witnessed the fostering of clients personal, social and cognitive development over time. I believe these positive developments are in part due to the consistent programming and staff of Carmichael Enterprises."
- Youth Probation Officer
"Staff are confident that the student is motivated to be at school; Management has access to and is willing to inform the school of all information which will help us plan an appropriate program for the student; Staff ensure that all interested partners (parents, social workers, group home staff, youth care worker, etc.) are available to attend the intake/IEP meeting; The group home staff are immediately available when a student is unable to manage his/her behavior at school. It is because of this level of support that students in Oceanside's care have always been successful at our school."
- Department Head , Student Support Services
"I had the opportunity to work with Carmichael Enterprises, specifically Wellington Place group home. I have been working with a very challenging individual who requires skilled caregivers. I had spent many weeks looking for caregivers for this young person. The situation quickly became a crisis and we needed to turn to Mike Taylor of Carmichael Enterprises with little or no notice for a temporary placement. They were very accommodating and made a space available almost right away. There have been many issues that have required consistent, skilled responses to this young person's complicated problems. The staff at Wellington Place never failed to respond to this young man in an appropriate manner. They have provided professional, skilled care that has greatly assisted this young man to be successful. I believe that Mike Taylor and Carmichael Enterprises provide a consistent professional level of care."
- Community Living Services Social Worker
"During our involvement with Carmichael Enterprises, we have found the director Mike Taylor, and staff to be consistent in their support, recording, and monitoring of the youth in their residential care. This standard of professional care has proved significant in the treatment process of the youth involved with our services; Mike Taylor and staff have demonstrated that they are knowledgeable, perceptive, and grasp a good understanding of the client's needs. The team has managed emergency situations appropriately. The staff has effectively diffused potentially volatile behaviors that could have been destructive and harmful to the youth and/or others in the community; in particular, Mike Taylor has shown that he is able to foster trusting and therapeutic relationships with youth and their families. Mike is able to empower caregivers and bring them along side to work towards positive goals for the youth; Carmichael Enterprises is active in the safe integration of youth back into the community. The staff is effective in finding the balance between supervision and independence, and being a liaison within the community."
- Youth Forensic Psychiatric Services