About Us

Since 1998 it has been the vision of Carmichael Enterprises Residential Programs Ltd to continually strive for a person-centered service delivery model which is responsive, accountable and that provides opportunities for personal growth and achievement for persons with disabilities. Throughout the years we have been committed to consistently addressing the individualized needs and choices of the people in our programs and ensuring individuals are given every opportunity to live and grow within their community.

Mission Statement

Carmichael Enterprises Residential Programs Ltd is dedicated to enhancing the lives of the individuals we serve. We will ensure that all persons served are treated with respect and dignity and that their rights are diligently maintained. Furthermore, Carmichael Enterprises Residential Programs Ltd will advocate to ensure that all of the needs of persons served are met, by doing this we create a safe and nurturing environment where individuals are supported and accepted as valued members of their community.

Guiding Principles 

Carmichael Enterprises Residential Programs Ltd. will commit to the following Guiding Principles:
  • The principles and values inherent in our mission statement
  • The development and delivery of program services based on the individual needs of the person
  • Provide and support the optimum participation in developing their individual service plan
  • Ensure the person-centred programs are consistently adhered to and maintained
  • Inform and educate individuals regarding their rights while in care
  • Advocate for the positive personal development of persons served
  • Create and maintain an environment of opportunity where individuals may develop skills that support greater independence and integration within our community
  • Hold ourselves accountable in ensuring the guiding principles are diligently maintained and adhered to